The Newlyweds

Written by Ken Murphy

Ken and Andy 20140816

Hard to imagine, but it’s true. Saturday, August 16, 2014, Andy and I got legally married. We decided to have our ceremony in a quiet little corner of the Constitution Gardens, in Washington, DC. Surrounded by eight of our friends, it was a solemn affair. Almost. Andy got the giggles a couple of times. That’s how I could tell he was nervous. He say my hands shook; I wouldn’t know. For once, I didn’t get teary-eyed. The same can’t be said for the eight people surrounding us. Like us, they knew what a significant moment it was. We both wanted a simple, casual wedding. That’s who we are. Andy doesn’t like matchy-matchy, so we compromised. The shirts picture here have contrasting stripes. The picture was taken after the ceremony, at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.

People have since asked us if it feels different to be married. After all, August 16, 2014 was our twentieth anniversary. Still, it does feel different. I can’t explain it, but even Andy agrees; we are not the same people anymore. WE are part of something bigger. Somehow making it legal changes everything. True enough, our marriage is not yet recognized in out home state of Georgia. But I am confident that soon it will be. Until then, it is legal in our nation’s capital, and so many other states. And, it is real in our hearts. That’s the important part.

I’m going to end with another picture. This was my wedding gift from Andy. It’s titled “The Intersection of Love.”


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