My Fascination With Cocks

Written by Ken Murphy

As most folks who follow me on social media know, Andy and I are in the process of moving from our huge old house to a much smaller condominium. Actually, we moved a while ago. Last Thursday marked four weeks in the new place. We both love it. All that is left of the move is the final disposition of all the “stuff” we no longer need or have room to keep. That too, is almost done. We should finish up today.

Yesterday, we made our third trip to Lost and Found. For those of you who don’t know, Lost and Found is a local non-profit organization. Their mission is to help LGBT youth get off the streets, and into a safe, supportive environment. They have a thrift store, and the proceeds go toward supporting their work. Anyway, so we go there yesterday for our latest drop off.

As we are unloading the car, a guy comes over to the loading dock. He has a huge grin as he asks: “So I have to know which one of you has the fascination with cocks?” I chuckled and looked right back at him. “We’re gay men”, I replied. “We’re both pretty fascinated with cocks.” Everyone got a good laugh from that one. Of course then I ‘fessed up and told him I was the one with the large chicken collection.

It all started many years ago. As a small child, I remember going to see my great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family. In her kitchen, she had a couple of small ceramic planters. These planters were shaped in the forms of a rooster and a hen. I loved them. Who knows why they caught my fancy, but they did. I have no idea what happened to those chicken planters, but their memory stuck with me.

In my first apartment, one of the early nonessentials I purchased was a set of ceramic chicken salt and pepper shakers. Over the years, my collection grew until I had dozens of chicken, in all shapes and sizes. I had a full set of dishes with a rooster design. I had big ceramic canisters with chickens on top. Our whole kitchen was filled with chickens, many of them roosters. One of the big advantages of having a house with high ceilings was several feet of space above the cabinets. A perfect place for displaying my collection. Alas, in the condo, we only have about six inches between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. I decided it was time for my chickens to find new homes.

I am happy to report that my chickens are selling like hotcakes, as is much of the stuff we donated. I’m glad. Lost and Found is a good organization, and I’m happy the things we can no longer use are helping them continue their work. I did keep one rooster. A multicolored glass one that looks beautiful in our curio cabinet. And that’s enough. After all, I can’t completely give up my fascination with cocks.

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